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"A world of emerging opportunities"

By Patrick Terkpertey, Sales Manager, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics

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The world is changing, and emerging markets are pivotal to this transformation.

We see this in new markets with a rising middle class and growth of urbanization. Our consumers demand more variety and evolution in their products. It’s no longer a question of providing a solution; it’s about providing tailored solutions that take into account the environment, age, gender and cultural diversity at affordable prices.

The pressure to meet such requests is increasingly apparent in Africa and I believe it is the next big frontier for the plastics industry. It can be a challenging environment to do business in but I see this as an opportunity to open new doors.

For us to overcome these challenges, it’s important we work across the value chain and tap into global and local expertise. A great example of this is the concrete steps we recently took to address innovative packaging solutions to help reduce food waste in West Africa.

In my role at Dow, I am constantly inspired by our teams around the world and their ability to provide ever evolving, innovative and tailored solutions to our customers. I am proud of the part I am playing in growing our franchise in the region and am certain that by working together, we can facilitate change and have a positive impact on humanity.  

Patrick is based in Accra, Ghana, and is a Senior Sales Account Representative within the Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics Business. He has over nine years’ experience in sales and business development across West Africa in the beverage and chemical industries.