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“Aren’t you curious about innovation?”

By Eunice Ch’ng, Marketing Manager, Dow

K 2016 Eunice Ch'ng Quote.jpg

My constant drive and curiosity has driven me this far. But I also feel extremely lucky to live in the most innovative era in a booming region where there is no end to asking, what’s next?

Asia in particular is facing a fascinating time for packaging – everything is on the rise! By 2050 the region’s population will have increased by just over 22% to 5.3 billion[1] people meaning more food needs to be delivered freshly to our tables. And those tables will be in more urban environments, given 40% more of the population will live in cities[2].  

Asking how to address the logistic challenges and related to that the specific transport packaging needs has made me determined to pursue new ideas. Meeting the growth challenges of the future means continuously looking for progressive new ideas in plastics innovation.

I fundamentally believe that responsible plastic solutions can be a catalyst for real improvement in our lives. Aren’t you curious now?

Eunice is marketing manager for industrial & consumer packaging for Dow P&SP Asia. After travelling throughout Asia Pacific visiting customers, colleagues and more, Eunice brings an open mind and innovative approach to every challenge or opportunity.


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