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Bale Silage: a grass roots initiative in Chinese farming

The movement of goods and resources is expected to increase globally as the population grows. There is a pressing need to ensure goods are packaged to meet critical standards for security, efficiency and sustainability, so we can move them safely from A to B.

The budding middle class in China has seen local farming pick up momentum to support the rising demand for foods like meat and dairy. With this industry flourishing, Chinese farmers are trending towards more sophisticated agricultural techniques to ensure their farms run efficiently and their animals have greener fodder – all year round.

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“We saw a great opportunity to begin a first-of-its-kind industry collaboration,” Kevin Yang, Value Chain Manager Greater China, Dow says: “We wanted to help improve farming in China by elevating the silage industry. So through Pack Studios Shanghai we started with an open discussion across the entire value chain, including film producers, green fodder plantations, equipment manufacturers, research centers, colleges, and animal farms.”

Dow’s Associate Technical, Service and Development Manager for Greater China, Frank Chen adds: “Dow’s Bale Silage wrapping technologies have been available in Europe for over 10 years; but in China, until recently grass farmers were still using traditional techniques which led to transportation and storage issues and nutritional loss in fodder, especially during the Autumn and Winter months.”

“At the start of 2014, Sino-Amaranth was one of only a handful of companies in grass farming and silage packaging,” explains CEO of Sino-Amaranth, Mr. Erping Chen. “So we were really excited when Dow introduced us to a new technology that would improve the way we store and transport our silage, and would start a ‘grass roots’ initiative to advance our industry.”

To close the value chain loop by designing and manufacturing the necessary equipment, Dow also brought China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. onto the field.

Mr. Xianghua Liu, China Sun’s President, shares the enthusiasm: “We are really proud to be an instrumental part of making the ‘made in China’ bale silage industry grow. As a direct result, we are enabling small animal farms to bring fresh produce to the marketplace and to farm in a more sustainable way.”

We were really excited when Dow introduced us to a new technology that would improve the way we store and transport our silage.

Mr. Erping Chen, CEO, Sino-Amaranth