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“Behind the scenes of innovation”

By Jun-Ho Kang, Lead Account Manager, Dow

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Great innovations are the result of a process; from identifying a market need to making an idea actually come to life. For innovation to happen we rely on an incredible library of scientific understanding and continued research and development to underpin our new ideas. As an Account Manager at Dow, I feel privileged to be able to spend each day talking to our customers to better understand their needs, but it’s my technical colleagues who have the knowledge, experience and creativity to weave magic.

Let me illustrate with the example of Dow’s INFUSETM Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs) and the proliferation of their use in footwear produced by major global brands. As part of their global strategies, our customers have been adopting this new solution for high-performance midsole athletic shoes; and because of the value they’ve seen, global value chain players have followed suit.

We understand the importance of good collaboration and take special care to nurture business relationships with key development partners, because we know that innovative solutions are as much a product of collaboration and partnership as they are a testimony to the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes.

Jun-Ho Kang is a Lead Account Manager in Elastomers, Electrical and Telecommunications at Dow, having joined the company in 1991 in Korea. During this time, he has had responsibilities including sales, market development and market research.