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Bright minds think alike: Dow & Hipac’s collation stretch

How the seek for a sustainable packaging solution become a strong partnership

The story of a quest for sustainability without compromising on package performance

Together, Dow and Hipac developed collation stretch, a unique solution that ensures sustainability without compromising package performance


When HIPAC, a global leader in High Performance Industrial Packaging, first approached Dow looking for a partner for an innovative but also sustainable solution for multipack industry packaging, the Dow team did not need to think twice.

No stranger to collaborative innovation, Dow immediately embraced the challenge and, along with its converter partner, overcame the difficulty of finding the optimal formulation to ensure resource efficiency without compromising on package performance and productivity. The result is a technology named collation stretch, which applies machine stretch wrap into the secondary packaging. An innovative solutions that enhances brand recognition in neutral films for the multipack industry.

Teamwork led us to a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise performance

José Mª Blasco Fonts Marketing Manager, HIPAC Group