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Bringing the spirit of the team to the turf

Our lives are becoming increasingly fast-paced and dynamic. Whether looking at personal hygiene solutions or leisure and living environments, today we have the ability to ensure that any activity is achieved with comfort, resistance and durability in mind.

Every athlete knows that moment when they step out onto the field. It’s the glory of personal effort as well as the hard work and support from their team, on and off the field. But what about the work that goes into the field they play on, before they even take that first step?

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For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games hockey tournament, an elite playing surface was essential to boost the technical skills of the players. The turf system, created using Dow’s resins, needed to deliver a high performing and consistent field of play throughout the busy Olympic competition schedule.

“A major challenge in the creation of a high performance Olympic hockey surface is achieving the right combination of stiffness, resiliency and softness,” states Greg Bunker, Senior Marketing Director at Dow.

“A resilient and soft artificial turf surface is a field hockey player’s best friend. In addition to minimizing abrasions, resilient and soft turf affords greater playing mobility and can help prevent serious injury. This delicate balance is determined by the molecular architecture of the polyethylene used in the yarn.”

The surface, which made its successful debut at the London 2012 Olympic Games, was designed to give players a durable and consistent field-of-play, meeting the high-demands of the world’s best hockey players.

According to the Rio 2016 Brazilian National Team Captain and Midfielder, André Patrocinio, it achieved the objective: “It is quite different, in a positive sense. The artificial grass is neither very soft, nor very hard. The ball rolls exceptionally well, and gets wet, which is great for the game. Playing on artificial grass is more dynamic, it allows me to run more, and play a faster game.”

The highest-quality turf for the highest-quality teams makes the ground as great as the moment itself.

Dow's artificial turf supported 318 goals at the Rio Olympic Hockey games – that made me cheer!

Greg Bunker, Senior Global Marketing Director, Dow