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Bringing tradition to today’s packaging innovations

With one billion more mouths to feed by 2050, food is a critical resource and food preservation is key. This is driving the need for more convenient and sustainable packaging to ensure food is kept fresh for our tables.

The very first paper packaging was developed in China thousands of years ago, and although the technology has evolved considerably, we remain surrounded by paper – having proved itself so useful we haven’t stopped using it since!


Today, it is in Norway that ELOPAK have refined the technique of paper packaging to an art form, specializing in beverage and liquid food paper-based packaging solutions globally.

The global board cartons market for beverages and food has seen constant and significant growth1 thanks to their improved convenience, shelf-life and easy recyclability and with over 50 years of experience, ELOPAK is a market leader.

“We believe that supplying packaging is not just about supplying packaging,” says Erik Voet, Chief Purchasing Officer, Elopak Group. “Our systems-based approach brings traditional production standards to new levels, incorporating food science, logistics analysis and innovative packaging concepts.”

He adds: “And for us, partnering with value chain members, like Dow, that have innovation and sustainability in their DNA helps us to live our philosophy.”

Annemie De Saedeleer, Account Manager at Dow explains: “When Elopak told us that they were looking for a partner to support their continuous market growth, as well as to improve conversion and packaging efficiency, we knew we could help.”
“However, what really excited us was when ELOPAK added that they wanted to become carbon neutral as part of their ‘Future Proof 2020’ strategy, because we knew that our AGILITY™ Performance LDPE could help them in that direction.”

The collaborative effort led not only to final package performance requirements being acheived, such as adhesion between paper and aluminium foil, but on top of that the development of a new innovation that enhances operational processability.
What does all this mean for ELOPAK? Faster, lighter coatings and an improved sustainability profile!

ELOPAK and Dow share the same ethos and goal of introducing not only new but also tailor made solutions to their customer with the best possible results all the way down the value chain.
As a result, a very traditional material has innovation written all over it.


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