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“Changing the rules to innovate”

By Nicolas Mazzola, Application Technology Leader, Dow

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Today’s consumer has a world of opportunities available at their finger-tips. But, with these opportunities come a responsibility, and a growing awareness, of the importance of building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our role as innovators is to interpret today’s world of paradigms. The input from clients is invaluable, whether it is about their evolving needs or market changes, my role is then to find the patterns, connect the dots and develop new ways of doing things, even if not always with successful results. But, that’s part of the journey and the right solutions come from exploring the unknown!

The concept of the circular economy is a game changer for our industry but is driving us to do things differently, for example, seeking new possibilities for using plastics residues as raw materials within the petrochemicals industry.
As such, we have a responsibility to pursue sustainable and innovative end-of-life solutions for plastics products while looking at ways to also address things like food waste.

In my region, Latin America, the population is expected to grow by 22% to 20501, and I have complete confidence our industry will be able to find the balance between the needs of a growing cosmopolitan population and building a sustainable tomorrow.

Nicolas has been an Application Technology Leader for F&SP Latin America since 2013, and was recently also appointed Technical Leader for New Business Development in the region. During his career at Dow, he has invented and co-invented 15 filled patents as well as winning Dow’s Latin America Innovation Award three times and authored four articles in international congresses and journals.