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Creating a new category of resins to solve today’s packaging challenges

With one billion more mouths to feed by 2050, food is a critical resource and food preservation is key. This is driving the need for more convenient and sustainable packaging to ensure food is kept fresh for our tables.

Getting staple items, like food and beverages, from producers to our homes can be more challenging than one might think...


And this is something Luis Zalamea, Associate Scientist at Dow knows a lot about. “One in seven truckloads of perishable goods is still being wasted annually, and packaging has an essential role to play in improvements throughout the value chain.”

In early 2016, when Dow unveiled INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins – a new family of resins that offers unprecedented performance levels to help address some of today’s most challenging packaging performance gaps – Basim Basher, Technical and Purchase Manager from S.C. Plasrom Production S.R.L., took note. As a family-owned packaging producer in Romania, Plasrom was challenged by one of its customers who wanted better performance from their packaging for frozen food, so Basim and his team took action. “For our customers, packaging is about functionality, ensuring the best quality is sustained so that people can eat healthily and safely. When SC AAYLEX PROD SRL, a main exporter of fresh and frozen chicken meat, approached us, we knew we would find a solution.”

Zalamea adds: “We created INNATE™ to unlock opportunities through unmatched stiffness, toughness and ease of processing, all while reducing energy costs and improving sustainability profiles. The chemistry that goes into the right packaging solution can add a whole new dimension to performance and versatility.”

Basher agrees: “Thanks to INNATE™ our solutions have been downgauged by 17% for individual packaging and 14% for bulk packaging1. But we’re not the only ones to notice - our customers say that this is one of the highest quality film packaging available on the market.”

Also based in Romania, and playing an integral role in delivering goods safely and reducing waste, Indra Import Export SRL has seen the benefits of INNATE™ in their high quality logistics packaging, designed to move goods for some of the world’s leading food and beverage brands. COCA-COLA HBC ROMANIA SRL., for instance, desired a thinner film with improved optical appearance that would not compromise the handling performance of the final package.

Ovidiu Vasian, Indra Import Export Process Engineer, says: “We saw the need for thinner film with better optical qualities and increased toughness. Dow came to us with INNATE™, and alongside 15% downgauging there was a significant increase in efficiency and energy consumption reduction – allowing our customers to meet their high performance criteria and their sustainability goals1.

”It all goes to show that partnerships driven by advances in science really can make a major difference: driving towards reducing waste and increasing performance standards in food and transport packaging, Dow, Plasrom, and Indra Import Export are each taking one step towards a future where food is kept fresh from farm to fork.

1according to customer’s data provided.

The chemistry that goes into the right packaging solution can add a whole new dimension to performance and versatility.

Luis Zalamea, Associate Scientist, Dow