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Eliminating noise for more discreet hygiene solutions

Both babies and adults need diapers they can rely on for their active lifestyles without compromising on comfort and softness.

Until recently, ultrasonic bonding of back sheets to PP nonwovens meant sacrificing the last two. Not anymore. Dow and Herrmann Ultraschall teamed up to develop a new technology for ultrasonic bonding to yield higher productivity rates and elevated customer experience.

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Babies and adults alike need diapers that they can count on to keep up with their active lifestyles. Being able to have the freedom to do what you want, where you want, and when you want without anyone noticing is priceless.

Ensuring these diapers are comfortable and soft, deliver reliable protection and are discreet is of utmost importance. This is precisely what brought Dow’s Health & Hygiene team together with Herrmann Ultraschall, global machine and system supplier for industrial ultrasonic technology.

For many years, the hygiene industry has tried to introduce ultrasonic bonding technology for back sheet lamination to address market needs for comfort, cost reduction and sustainability. Barbara Bonavoglia, Dow’s Global Back sheet Application Technical Leader, can tell you, “Until now, ultrasonic bonding of back sheets to PP nonwovens was only possible by using a polypropylene film, which meant that important diaper attributes like softness and silence had to be sacrificed. However, given our experience, we know that PE back sheets are softer and quieter compared to PP-based back sheets and wanted to see how we could bring these benefits to the market.”

Dow and Herrmann Ultraschall were up to the task. Through their deep understanding of the problem, material science expertise and ultrasonic welding know-how, Dow and Herrmann Ultraschall jointly developed a new technology: a PE-based back sheet film that can be ultrasonically bonded to a PP nonwoven. Dow’s new PE back sheet film formulation enhances the diaper experience by creating a more comfortable and silent diaper. At the same time, Herrmann Ultraschall’s ultrasonic bonding technology replaces hot melt adhesives on the lamination unit, which brings substantial savings and higher productivity rates to brand owners.

“We knew there was a strong market need to address the noise issues that come from ultrasonically bonded laminates and were looking for a valued partner with the material capabilities to deliver,” explained Markus Pasternak, Herrmann Ultraschall’s Regional Sales Manager. “We of course are already strong advocates of ultrasonic bonding as we know it is more cost effective, easier to process and minimizes odor compared to the alternatives on the market. By joining forces with Dow, we knew we could find a solution. ”

Fabricio Arteaga, Dow’s Global Nonwovens Application Technology Leader, adds, “Through our shared commitment to innovation and collaboration we were able to deliver a solution that was needed. We are pleased that as a result of months of joint trails to produce the nonwovens along with the films, we managed to get it right. It’s good to know that babies and their parents don’t have to worry about stiff and noisy diapers anymore.”

Innovation means overcoming technology limitations. Collaboration is finding the right partner.

Barbara Bonavoglia Application Technology Leader for Health & Hygiene products, Dow