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Going for Growth: taking strides to address growing global demand

Our world is increasingly dynamic. Lifestyles are changing, urbanization is increasing and an affluent and mobile global population is emerging, creating consumers who are looking for more...

At Dow, we have taken strides to address the growing global demand for high performance plastics. As the world’s leading supplier of polyethylene and elastomers, one of our top priorities is to help satisfy these material’s needs by continuing to expand global capacity. Read more below about this topic, discussed at our recent seminar at K 2016.


During K 2016, we heard from Jim Fitterling, President and Chief Operating Officer of The Dow Chemical Company on our now-operational Sadara assets in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our ongoing U.S. Gulf Coast investments; Michael Smith, Vice President of Business Development for IHS in EMEA, on the industry view; discussed the mega trends that are driving global demand in strategic market segments like food packaging, health & hygiene, automotive and consumer durables with a group of esteemed panellists comprised of Dow and customers; and alongside David Parrillo, Dow’s Global R&D Director for Packaging and Specialty Plastics uncovered our innovations being showcased at K 2016.Beyond pure capacity, the world is also demanding smarter solutions.

And we take pride in working closely with our customers to deliver products and solutions that create value and a competitive advantage while positively impacting the world we live in. During the event we presented our first ever “Pack Studios Collaboration Award”, recognizing partners for their creativity, problem solving and the innovative mindset. The prize celebrates the power of collaboration among value chain partners. DHL and Rolofol from Czech Republic were the worthy winners of this year’s award.

Collectively our efforts are paying off. At K 2016, our theme – the faceofinnovation – was a showcase of the people who collaborate to make innovation possible. Watch the video below to find out how Dow is going for growth and browse some of the stories of collaboration here.