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“How we push the boundaries of innovation”

By Navid Behbudi, Sales Manager, Dow Corning

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How can we advance science and technology to define innovation and unlock new markets? How can we do more with less? How can we anticipate market changes? Seemingly impossible questions, yet ones I face regularly.

As one of the most versatile groups of chemicals on the planet, silicones come in a multitude of forms, and are capable of performing an incredible range of functions. When we are challenged to solve a processing problem, anticipate market and societal changes, or help our manufacturers retain their competitive edge - we are confident that silicones can provide an answer.

Applying science and innovation to develop solutions that matter as well as the constant pursuit of excellence in collaboration with our customers to bring the best to market and set them apart as leaders in their industries is what we are doing every day. Doing more with less is just one example. It isn’t simply about cost reduction, using fewer materials, shortening the curing process of an adhesive,  or light weighting a part – it can entail incredible benefits at all levels,  and improving the sustainability of the overall product.

Working with a product like silicones, innovation comes naturally. Dow is a technology and market pioneer in the field and we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to advance science and technology and push boundaries – the very definition of innovation, if you ask me.

It is exigent, and “how can we push the boundaries of innovation?”, “how can we do more with less?” or “how can we anticipate market changes?” are not questions that we are going to stop asking any time soon. But silicones are providing amazing answers – and they might just surprise you.

As a Sales Manager for Europe, Navid Behbudi is responsible for delivering unique value propositions and an excellent customer experience to Automotive, Rubber as well as Industrial and Manufacturing Assembly clients. Navid joined Dow Corning in 2006 as Account Manager for Automotive Clean Energy, and Industrial Assembly and Maintenance and holds a master's degree in Chemical Engineering from university of Darmstadt, Germany.