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“Innovation is a driver”

By Amandine Martz, Marketing Manager, Dow

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Innovation is inevitably influential. In our ever changing world, it has the power to respond to important questions, such as “how can we meet the shifting needs of the population?” and “how can we help elevate the conversation around sustainability, safety and waste?”.

As a marketer, innovation for me is all about answering these questions and more. Our team has the opportunity to listen to the market and analyze the information we receive, so that we can not only respond to changing trends but influence them too!

One area in which this is especially happening is transportation packaging. The stretch film industry is very much driven by price and volume dynamics, and at Dow we are working hard to shift this perspective and raise the importance of load stability and sustainability in the market.

Working together with brand owners, equipment manufacturers, and testing institutes, we’re creating new solutions that fulfil business requirements, while also improving people’s safety and reducing waste. The value chain is opening up to new approaches, and this, for us, is a big achievement.

As a global brand, it is important that we hold on to the fact that innovation is not just an answer but a driver too, and the influence of innovation is not to be underestimated as a positive force for change.

Amandine is based in Europe and is a Marketing Manager responsible for Industrial Films and Consumer Packaging in the EMEA region. She has held various positions within Dow’s Sales and Marketing team since she joined in 2008.