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“Innovation is: big picture thinking”

Kathy McCraw, Sales Executive, North America Packaging and Specialty Packaging

Kathy McCraw - quote

One thing I’ve learned is not to settle for the short term solution and always look at the bigger picture.

With one billion more mouths to feed by 20251and as a result, the global plastic packaging market expected to reach $370 billion by 20202, I would say the big picture is clear for us. It’s how we choose to approach this feat that will separate responsible companies from the rest.

Sustainability in the plastics industry is Dow’s driver for innovation. It is about finding solutions that both reduce food waste and improve the end of life of plastic products. No longer can food waste cost food producers USD 750 billion3 a year.

This is just one reason why we must have a shared societal responsibility towards waste, from littering or simple disposal to cutting edge recycling.

Dow is a strong part of this and works with the value chain to help us make better choices and act responsibly. This inspires me to do the same, both in my role at work and at home with family and friends, in my daily life.

If you’re not already thinking about the bigger picture, do take a moment and observe. You may be surprised by what you find.

Kathy first joined Dow in 1990 as part of the Commercial Development program in Canada. In 2006, she took on larger responsibilities in the Base Plastics group, specializing in the films market for both industrial and food packaging. She now works as Sales Executive for North America Packaging and Specialty Packaging, Dow Chemical Canada ULC.

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