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“Innovation is solving problems in a practical way”

By Russell Barry, Dow Global Technology Leader

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There are always those who say “it can’t be done”, but I like to show them that it can!  When we work together to figure out how to make a solution work, it’s a very satisfying feeling.  But sometimes you have to do some creative thinking to find the right answer.

In fact we saw this happen back at K 2013, when we announced INTUNE™ Polypropylene-based OBCs which have since revolutionised the post-consumer recycle stream (PCR). Multi-resin, residual recycled materials, typically including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) that would otherwise not be compatible, are now.

In the recycling of plastics, you’re only as good as the feedstocks that you can acquire. The ability to compatibilize these two different and normally incompatible feed streams opens a whole new range of possibilities – both for Dow and for our customers.

Finding space for innovation in a mature market is not easy – but the challenge is what makes it fun in my mind, and when we first saw INTUNE being effectively used in the market I soon realised we had got it right - it was the most rewarding moment for me and my team.

Russell is based in Horgen, Switzerland and drives growth and new application development in the automotive industry. At Dow, he has led several strategic projects, including the development of INTUNE™ PP-based Olefin Block Copolymers, a breakthrough compatibilization technology that offers a tuneable range of new-to-the-world, highly effective solutions for combining both non-polar and polar polymers with polypropylene.