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“Innovation means delivering breakthrough solutions”

By Bill Kench, Account Executive, Dow

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Delivering cutting edge solutions is what Dow does best; it’s what separates us from our competitors.

In today’s market, customers have high expectations and we deliver. If we don’t already have a solution, we work until we have one to offer. Innovation at Dow is directly inspired by our customer’s need.

We recently had a great example of a breakthrough solution with one of our customers. Our team worked tirelessly to improve the gel levels of our INFUSE™ and ASPUN™ specialty resins, which are used in several of their products. The results were outstanding. We pushed ourselves to offer our customer the best possible solution, which in turn allowed them to boost sales and increase market share– innovation across the value chain really does make the difference.

The greatest reward of working for Dow is succeeding in finding new ways to drive value for our customers.

Bill Kench is based in Georgia and is an account executive for Dow’s Packaging & Specialty Plastics Business who manages global accounts in the Pipe, Health and Hygiene and Film Packaging markets. Kench has been with Dow for 25 years.