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Moving Goods Safely: A Truly Collaborative Value Chain Solution for Improved Load Stability

The movement of goods and resources is expected to increase globally as the population grows. There is a pressing need to ensure goods are packaged to meet critical standards for security, efficiency and sustainability, so we can move them safely from A to B.

Through shared commitment and responsibility, Dow, POLIFILM, Robopac and PepsiCo teamed up to enhance pallet stability performance together.


Load stability is an industry issue that should be addressed holistically and collaboratively. The value chain should strive to ensure there are tailored solutions that protect the load, taking the whole packaging system into account – from the resin and film all the way to the wrapping equipment, delivering high performance pallet protection solutions. This is precisely why Dow, POLIFILM, one of Germany's leading manufacturers of extrusion films and protective films, Robopac, a world leader in wrapping technology with stretch film, and PepsiCo, a renowned food and beverages brand owner, joined forces.

Dow’s Application Technology Leader, Peter Sandkuehler, contributes, “Load stability is and should be a concern for the entire packaging value chain and we at Dow are committed to ensuring that we put a greater spotlight to this industry challenge and ensure the value chain delivers on high performance solutions. This is why we initiated the idea to begin a truly collaborative value chain project for the industry.”

“We were very pleased to be approached by Dow for this project and could quickly see we had a committed partner who is as engaged in the load stability challenge as we are,” explains Hikmet Kalkan, Stretch Film Division from POLIFILM, “Therefore, at the K-Show, we began discussing what a value chain project could look like and we were more than happy to develop new film formulation designs to get the ball rolling.”

Amandine Martz, Dow’s Marketing Manager, and Thomas Kindler, POLIFILM’s Technical Marketing Manager, both weigh in, “We were already committed partners from the get-go, but the small hurdle we had to overcome together was finding the best partner both in terms of wrapping equipment expertise, but also a partner who was committed to the load stability challenge. Robopac was that partner – not only a leading stretch film wrapping equipment manufacturer, but also a company with the right tools and experience to assess pallet stability.”

Glauco Moschini, Robopac’s Sales & Marketing Manager, adds, “It has been great working on this project with Dow, POLIFILM and PepsiCo. We’re happy that we have been able to test the new films on our wrapping machines to deliver pallet stability performance that meets the latest standards.”

“When we found out that this great initiative was taking place, we definitely wanted to be a part of it,” adds Norman Blümel, Packaging Specialist from PepsiCo. “Innovative ideas are the key to provide high quality products to trade partners.”

These industry partners were able to create innovative solutions for improved load stability by bringing together Dow’s resin performance know-how, POLIFILM’s extrusion expertise, Robopac’s wrapping equipment knowledge and load stability experience, and PepsiCo’s pallets for trials. The end result has been an optimized and stable pallet, along with raising value chain awareness around load stability challenges and solutions.

It has been great working on this project with Dow and Polifilm, we’re happy that we have been able to test the new films on our wrapping machines to deliver pallet stability performance that meets the latest standards.

Glauco Moschini Sales & Marketing Manager, Robopac Sistemi

Innovative ideas are the key to provide high quality products to trade partners

Norman Blümel Packaging Specialist, PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH

Committed partners are vital to developing new film solutions for load stability

Hikmet Kalkan Stretch Film Division, POLIFILM EXTRUSION GmbH