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“New problems call for new solutions”

By Colin Li Pi Shan, Principle Product Development Scientist, Dow

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There’s always the need to create the next stiffer, tougher, or lighter plastics solution. We have the chance to drive material innovations that will address global megatrends and seize these opportunities to generate value for consumers and industry.

As a research scientist, my job is to develop cool, new-to-the-world polymers to meet those demands. As new problems arise around me, I love bringing our customers and Dow technology together to find even newer solutions to address them.   It is easy to get stuck in a box; I strive to expand the traditional boundaries for plastics, to find uses for them that haven’t yet been realized.

Colin Li Pi Shan is a Principle Product Development Scientist for Dow Elastomers Research and Development. He is a subject matter expert and inventor of polyolefin and olefin block copolymer technology.