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"Passion is always at the heart of innovation"

By Jill Martin, Technical Services and Development fellow, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics

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I recently saw a woman presenting a conference paper about a new antimicrobial packaging solution. She transformed what could have been a dry technical presentation into a very engaging story, citing her grandmother’s teachings on natural food poisoning remedies as the core of her determination to bring new concepts to market.

Her message to look for solutions from our own personal experiences struck a chord with me. What really resonated was her ability to use her passion to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking and collaborating to make things happen.

I fundamentally believe that passionate, collaborative people make the difference in driving innovation across the packaging value chain. That’s why I’m proud of Dow’s collaborative culture, and of how we externalize it when we work with customers and industry partners. We work together to solve real world challenges such as secure food sources and the application of smart plastics and packaging technologies.

In my view, the key to success is finding inspired, passionate people who are committed to working together and who embrace the philosophy of collaborate-to-innovate.

Jill is based in Houston, Texas, USA and works with downstream value chain partners in the Packaging & Specialty Plastics business of The Dow Chemical Company. For the past 21 years, her responsibilities have included new product development and technology exploration focusing on flexible and rigid packaging.