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Silky smooth and sustainable: next level elastic solutions

At Dow we believe that partnerships driven by the need to take solutions to the next level should never be a one-off project, therefore we partnered again with Herrmann Ultraschall to enhance the consumer's diaper usage experience.

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Sometimes innovation isn’t coming up with a brand new idea, but enhancing and bringing an established idea to the next level.

Due to the success of Dow and Herrmann Ultraschall’s, global machine and system supplier for industrial ultrasonic technology, first collaborative innovation, the PE-based back sheet film that can be ultrasonically bonded to a PP nonwoven, their relationship grew stronger and they decided to partner up again. This time the challenge was to take elastic laminates for elastic ears in baby diapers to the next level in comfort and sustainability.

“We knew from the backsheet film project that Herrmann Ultraschall was a knowledgeable partner who was dedicated to enhancing the diaper experience without the use of hot melt adhesives,” explains Aleksander Stoiljkovic, Dow’s Global Elastics Application Technology Leader. “This was important to us as we wanted to improve existing elastic ear laminates by ensuring we could deliver results with a reliable ally.”

Specifically, their assignment was to develop an elastic ear laminate which was softer, free of odor and fully recyclable. Due to the successful union, the end result was an elastic laminate comprised of a combination of a polyolefin based elastic film, made from Dow’s INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers, and a polyolefin-based elastic nonwoven, based on Dow’s INFUSE™ and ASPUN™ Fiber Grade Resins, put together by ultrasonic lamination.

Fabricio Arteaga, Dow’s Global Nonwovens Application Technical Leader, highlights, “With the combination of both components being polyolefin based, we are able to deliver a fully recyclable product that is still silky smooth – giving the end-user an enhanced super soft sensation upon touch. Also, with the use of this specialty designed elastic nonwoven, we eliminate the need for the additional stage in processing as activation is no longer needed; thus, improving processability.”

Business Unit Director from Herrmann Ultraschall, Frank Weber, contributes, “We are very pleased that yet another collaborative project bore results for customers worldwide. By using our ultrasonic bonding technologies, this allowed us to eliminate the need for hot melt adhesives and therefore significantly contributed to reducing the odor that is often attributed to them – helping the overall customer diaper experience.”

It all goes to show you that partnerships driven by the need to take solutions to the next level should never be a one-off project.

This collaboration bore results for customers worldwide as reducing the odor improved the customer's experience.

Frank Weber Business Unit Director, Herrmann Ultraschall