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“Small victories in innovation are everywhere”

By Rick Thomas, Account Manager, Dow

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Innovation often happens in unnoticed and unexpected places. Take plastics and elastomers in the automotive industry - today, we can replace parts of the material with plastic or elastomers and make the end product lighter.

While this might not seem like much, it shows that innovation doesn’t have to be revolutionary or a new-to-the-world product. It can be small improvements that make a more efficient and sustainable product, meaning lower emission rates and, in turn, a cleaner environment.

These “small victories” really add up in the long run, especially when you are working in mass production. Automotive and plastics are both fast-paced industries and it is crucial to be at the forefront of making these solutions happen.  

Rick Thomas is a Global Account Manager in the Elastomers and Electrical and Telecommunications business for The Dow Chemical Company. Since joining Dow in 2005, he has taken on international commercial responsibilities, especially in global Account Management, Customer Development and Strategic Sales. He has extensive experience with automotive industry products.