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Spinning towards the future of nonwoven materials

In the Pack Studios in Freeport, Texas, Dow experts welcomed a well-known innovator from the machinery sector to answer one pressing question: How to develop the next generation of nonwoven materials?


Pack Studios in Freeport, Texas are no strangers to collaborative innovation. On a daily basis Dow resins and adhesives experts collaborate with manufacturers, designers, brand owners and prototyping specialists for faster commercialization of new and improved packaging

This time, Hills Inc., a world leader and well known innovator in multi-component fiber extrusion technologies brought in its fiber spinning expertise and full support to install a new fiber line at the North America Pack Studios location.

“It was the right time to invest in a new fiber line at Dow to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and since Hills Inc. is highly recognized as a world leader and well known innovator in multi-component fiber extrusion technologies, this partnership was the right fit to come up with a solution to explore the synergy between raw materials and machinery” says Fabricio Arteaga, Dow’s Global Nonwovens Application Technology Leader.

The new fiber line opened the door for customers to do proof of concept work and to screen new solutions without the need of interrupting own production for testing purposes. It includes stand-alone denier rolls, a draw module, as well as a spunbond simulator and the capability to run polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate and polyamide. “It’s a great step forward towards new fiber development that fulfill critical hygiene requirements and add comfort. Sometimes a bit of spinning goes a long way,” adds Timothy Robson, Business Development Manager at Hills Inc.

And we can’t help but agree.

Blending science know-how and capability in a 'real-life' environment such as Pack Studios can only accelerate commercialization

Timothy Robson Business Development Manager, Hills Inc.