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Taking a bite out of the snack food logistics challenge

The movement of goods and resources is expected to increase globally as the population grows. There is a pressing need to ensure goods are packaged to meet critical standards for security, efficiency and sustainability, so we can move them safely from A to B. 

Some people say that the best things in life come in small packages. Fast-moving consumer goods brands would certainly agree. But they also know that protecting consumer goods throughout the value chain is far from easy...


Just ask Elena di Cunzolo, value chain leader for Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics in EMEA, or Gianclaudio Bassano, Vice President Operation Europe at stretch film and other performance plastics film converter Manuli Stretch Group.

“Protecting fragile products in the value chain requires incredibly efficient stretch film solutions,” comments Elena. “Especially when the goals include cost and food waste reduction,” She adds. “This has been the case for some brand owners, such as one of the European market leader in snacks, like potato crisps and corn chips.”

As Gianclaudio points out, “Our client came to us looking for a thinner, stronger stretch film that would secure and protect their branded potato crisps and other snacks on their pallets, ready for transportation to retailers.”

Working together, Dow and Manuli developed a new stretch film solution which enables up to 50% reductions in packaging material needs, without compromising stretch performance. Called MELITE PLUS, the film is based on Dow ELITE™ AT Advanced Technology Resins.

Already rolled out across five UK distribution sites for this brand, it’s an innovation destined to take a big bite out of snack food logistics challenges.

Protecting fragile products in the value chain requires incredibly efficient stretch film solutions.

Elena di Cunzolo, Value Chain Leader, Dow