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“Unlock innovation by breaking out of routine mindsets”

By Sergio Rea, Account Executive, Dow Elastomers, Electrical & Telecommunications 

Sergio Rea with Quote

Taking a holistic view of things and keeping an open mind: that’s another way of approaching innovation.  By really listening and connecting with people, you can create an atmosphere of collaboration that encourages the development of new and creative solutions.

Sometimes it can be challenging.  I like to take a long-term view, and have found that by developing strong relationships with our customers - rather than considering them as just “accounts” - we are always able to find common approaches that benefit both of us. 

Personally, I’m inspired by people who are able to combine their work and personal lives in a constructive way.  Keeping that work/life balance and taking time to relax and recharge is key to helping all of us keep a positive mindset and stay motivated – and open to coming up with new ways to do things differently!

Doing things differently. Challenging the status quo.  That’s innovation.

Sergio is based in Barcelona, Spain and is senior account manager with responsibility for managing several key, global accounts.  He is also accountable for driving marketing and pricing strategies as well as application development for the Elastomers and Electrical & Telecommunications business portfolios across the EMEAI region.