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When you need high performance freight packaging, collaboration can really stretch your thinking

The movement of goods and resources is expected to increase globally as the population grows. There is a pressing need to ensure goods are packaged to meet critical standards for security, efficiency and sustainability, so we can move them safely from A to B.

Marian Gmenta is not a truck driver. In fact, he is a Dow account manager in the Czech Republic. But this does not mean he knows nothing about truck driving...

ROLOFOL-DHL_Product_Stretch Wrap_Machine_Dow owned (2).jpg

“Most truck drivers take pride in their vehicles and responsibility for doing their job well, but even they cannot avoid every single pothole,” he says. “Nor can they control the weather. Which can be a big problem if the palletized products they are moving have poor stretch wrapping.”

And he’s right. Some estimates suggest that 4% of goods on average are lost during road transportation due to poor cargo stability1: that’s damage caused by tilting, shaking and hot or cold temperature variations. For some industries, this can even reach 10%! Not insignificant when you consider that same percentage off the bottom line for a company shipping goods worth €100 million.

But this is never an issue for the drivers and customers of DHL Supply Chain in the Czech Republic. That’s because enterprising converter ROLOFOL a.s. joined forces with Dow, its LLDPE supplier, to introduce a tailored solution specifically for their needs. This solution was ROLOfilm XTTM, a breakthrough high performance stretch foil that keeps unitized products safe, delivering a cost-effective solution with environmental benefits thanks to an optimization of film use in packaging for end customers.

ROLOFOL’s chief executive officer and owner Vaclav Kucerka takes up the story. “We are not the largest converter in the Czech market, but we are very proud of the complex offer we have, largely thanks to our deep understanding of market needs. It was the personal chemistry of the relationship, combined with our collective expertise that helped to convince DHL Supply Chain that our solution could really make a difference.”

DHL’s Supply Chain Czech Facility Manager Mr. Goral concurs. “We are always looking for innovative ways to bring extra value to customers, and one of the best ways to achieve this can be through closer ties with collaborative suppliers. In this case, ROLOFOL and Dow were the perfect package.”

We found a new way to keep products safe in transport and achieved significant cost savings at the same time.

Vaclav Kucerka, CEO, ROLOFOL

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