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"Why customer relations have never been more important"

By Anna Kwiatkowska, Customer Service Team Leader, Dow

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With 51 million people predicted to join the middle class in Russia by 2030, it is no surprise that the region is presenting new opportunities across sectors such as packaging, transport, and construction.

Working in customer service for Greater Russia and Central Europe, no two days are the same; we work across 20 different countries in at least 12 different languages!  Such incredible variety may require more preparation and flexibility from my team, but it also challenges us to be ahead of the curve; anticipating customer needs and considering the consequences of any changes we propose.

In my opinion the best and only way to rise to that challenge is through excellent customer relationships.

Being further down the value chain gives me a very special insight into what innovation means. Developing new offerings is always exciting, but knowing where value can be added to existing processes or improving the tools at hand to near perfection – that is the insight that customer relationships offer, and sharing that both up and down the value chain, inside and outside of the company, is what makes me proud to be a Customer Service Team Leader at Dow.

Rising to the challenge of innovation through better customer relations; that’s definitely something for me to be proud of.

Anna Kwiatkowska is Customer Service Team Leader for Central Europe and Greater Russia for Dow Performance Plastics.  She has been with Dow since 2007, having joined as a Customer Service Representative within Base Plastics, Automotive & Polyurethanes. Along with her team, she works to serve approximately 150 customers from across the Central Europe and Greater Russia region.