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Working together to improve precision-printing on nonwovens

Printing small fonts and barcodes clearly on the surface of nonwovens has always presented its challenges to the industry.

While in the process of developing its new sensory packaging technology, PoucHug™, Dow found in INNOWO Print a committed partner offering unprecedented nonwovens design possibilities. Together with Dow they found a way to ensure that PoucHug™ complies with all printing requirements from a Brand Owner and retailer perspective.

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Innovative ideas are often the outcome of strong collaboration efforts. In Dow’s continuous search for addressing Value Chain needs, they stumbled upon a new challenge. Over recent years, Brand Owners operating in different segments, including food, home and personal care, have been increasingly looking for differentiated packaging solutions that can allow them to communicate a renewed brand identity to the consumers.

Addressing this need, Dow has developed and launched its new sensory packaging technology PoucHug™. PoucHug™ is an innovative solution that elevates packaging to new levels through a warm, soft and organic look & feel. This innovation is possible by combining the expertise and knowledge from every corner of the packaging value chain where Dow participates including the sealants, the adhesives for packaging lamination and the nonwoven, that for the first time has been leveraged into flexible packaging.

While in the process of developing this innovative technology, Dow was looking for an expert to help addressing the known ‘printing on nonwoven’ challenges. Alexsander Stoiljkovic, Dow’s Nonwovens Application Technical Lead, remembers, “We were aware that printing small fonts and barcodes clearly on the rough and opaque surface of nonwovens can be challenging. However, as part of Dow’s approach to the Value Chain, Dow knows that key challenges can only be overcome through collaboration. We needed a partner who had the right technology, insights and know-how – we found this in INNOWO Print. In INNOWO Print, we found a very open and collaborative counterpart. Not only do they bring expertise in printing on nonwovens and a deep knowledge of the product, but they have a mindset of innovation and collaboration.”

Albert Steffen, Managing Director at INNOWO Print, adds, “INNOWO Print is committed to striving for perfection and offering unprecedented nonwovens design possibilities. We were delighted when Dow approached us with this new challenge and knew that with the help of our in-house capabilities, we could progress in the development of this innovative packaging.”

Giuliano Butti, Dow’s PoucHug™ Commercial Lead, notes, “As we want the PoucHug™ technology to be a commercial success, we needed to ensure it complied with all the printing requirements from a Brand Owner and retailer perspective. This means that we need to reach adequate levels of readability of all the ingredients, nutritional facts and, most importantly, barcodes to be accepted by retailers. This last point is a key challenge that we cannot address alone. At Dow, we believe that collaboration is the key ingredient for innovation, and in INNOWO Print, we found this ideal partner to work and overcome this limitation together.”

Florian Hahne, INNOWO Print’s Senior Manager Print & Customer Support, concludes, “This collaboration has been instrumental for the packaging industry. Until today, printing on nonwovens for packaging applications has always represented a barrier. This means we have collectively taken a very large step forward to the benefit of the entire packaging value chain.”

Collaboration is the key ingredient for innovation

Giuliano Butti PoucHug™ Commercial Lead, Dow