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Dow uses its own high-performance resin to reduce CO2 emissions

Dow is using their high-performance resins to pack their own high-performance resins. 


At Dow, we believe we can contribute to a better future by applying our knowledge and technologies. We invest in innovation and seek collaboration projects that bring benefits to all the involved parties.

In this particular case, we were focussed on improving the packaging sacks for our own products. As a result of continuous innovation and the use of high performance resins, we achieved over the last 20 years, a 28% reduction in the thickness of the Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks (HDSS) that we use ourselves at our production plants.  By doing so, we have reduced the amount of polymer used to pack ours resins in Europe by over 2’000 metric tons every year, which is equal to 3’580 metric tons of CO2 savings1.

“Dow is constantly working to optimize the thickness of HDSS. Let me use an example: In 1998 we were very happy to introduce the option to use films with a thickness of 140 microns. At that time we could not have imagined that 20 years later we would reach the 100 microns mark, without compromising the performance characteristics of these films! INNATETM Precision Packaging Resins, one of our newest developments, offers the properties our customers are looking for in a film, while at the same time facilitating exceptional downgauging possibilities,” says Shaun Parkinson, Application Technology Leader, Industrial & Consumer Packaging.

Dow’s Packaging Marketing Director, Romain Cazenave, adds “We are confident in suggesting these solutions to our customers, because we are using the same technology in-house. As Marketing Director, I am very proud of the team’s achievement. This is another great example of how technologies help enable CO2 emission reductions while maintaining packaging performance and integrity. Furthermore, it was quite interesting, and peculiar, that in this project our customer is also our supplier! Joining forces definitely brings great results”.