Fresh to Table

With one billion more mouths to feed by 2030, food is a critical resource and food preservation is key, driving the need for more responsible and convenient packaging to ensure food is kept fresh for our tables.

Learn more about our solutions and read stories featuring the people who collaborate to make innovation possible.

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Discover Fresh to Table

Watch this video to learn more about what we mean by Fresh to Table and how our packaging solutions can help increase food preservation, enhance consumer experience and provide resource efficiency opportunities.

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Collaboration Stories

Innovation is our industry’s driving force. At Dow we believe in collaboration as the key enabler for accelerating new ideas into real-world solutions.

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Solutions for Food & Beverage Packaging

Today’s packaging needs to be lightweight, convenient and enhance the consumer’s experience. It also needs to optimize the resources required to create it, and, most importantly, packaging needs to protect the product inside and help to preserve food.

Dow’s broad range of packaging resins and adhesives provide you with tailored, total packaging solutions that meet the needs of an evolving society, and the increasing demand for more convenient, cost effective and sustainable innovations, while also offering brand differentiation and shelf appeal to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.



Today’s consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, meaning that new innovations in flexible packaging must also meet market needs for sustainability. The protective properties of Dow’s flexible packaging make it one of the world’s more sustainable performers in delivering environmental, economic and social value.

Plastic packaging can help preserve food and reduce spoilage, by protecting the quality and safety of food, extending shelf-life (up to three times more than non-packaged goods).



Dow creates innovative packaging by collaborating with customers and value chain partners in industries and markets around the world. Combining core strengths of research and development, geographic reach, broad product lines of plastics and adhesives, and leading technical expertise, Dow is uniquely qualified to deliver innovative, holistic solutions for better packaging.