Move it Safely

To us, Move it Safely stands for industrial and consumer packaging solutions that meet the needs of an evolving society and food supply chain, where goods need to travel longer distances and where globalization is increasingly requiring safer, cheaper and more sustainable transport solutions. It is our vision to ensure all goods are safely transported along the supply chain to the end consumer, through the improvement of pallet load stability.

Learn more about our solutions and read stories featuring the people who collaborate to make innovation possible.

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Discover Move it Safely

Watch this video to learn more about what we mean by Move it Safely and how our solutions improve load stability, ensuring goods arrive safely at their final destination.


Why Load Stability Matters

Load security is a major challenge for the supply chain and the freight industry, as cargo failures represent a major economic, safety and waste issue.



Collaboration Stories

Innovation is our industry’s driving force. At Dow we believe in collaboration as the key enabler for accelerating new ideas into real-world solutions.


Solutions for Pallet Unitization

By increasing pallet load stability, product damage and wastage during transportation is reduced, thereby decreasing the economic impact of cargo failures. Our broad portfolio of high performance resins for stretch film and stretch hood applications gives converters, packers, logistics experts and brand owners the competitive edge. 


Solutions for Safely Packed Goods

Our solutions for Collation Shrink and Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks offer unparalleled time and cost savings, high product protection and brand recognition. Our comprehensive portfolio of adhesives offers reliable quality, consistency, process safety and proven bonding performance for a wide range of transportation packaging applications.